Better off Read is a podcast that’s been going for seven years and over 100 episodes.

In this podcast I, Pip Adam, speak with writers, musicians and artists about an ‘object’ as a way into talking about their work – what it is, how it works and what inspires it. Each year I choose a topic for our series. In 2021 it was elements of literary craft, in 2020 it was music.

In our 2022 series Beyond a Joke the object I ask guests to offer is something that has made them laugh. Using this object we discuss what makes us laugh, what we can learn about the structures of humor and jokes and so far, quite a lot about where the ‘serious’ and the ‘ridiculous’ overlap and intersect.

I’m a writer (I’ve written three novels and a collection of short stories) and I’ve taught creative writing. One of the things I’m really interested in is what we can learn from talking to each other about our own practice and the things we make. Read more about me at my website

Better off Read is produced by me.

Brent McIntyre wrote the music which appears in the podcast. Thanks Brent.

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