Apr 19 • 58M

Back from the Read! In Celebration of Meat Lovers - Ep 67: Rebecca Hawkes talks about AUP New Poets 5

To celebrate Rebecca Hawkes new poetry collected Meat Lovers, I'm re-plublishing an episode we recorded with her when AUP New Poets 5 came out.

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I had the most enjoyable weekend reading Rebecca Hawkes’ amazing new poetry collection of poetry Meat Lovers (Auckland University Press).

It sent me back to listening to this conversation where Rebecca and I talk about her section in AUP New Poets 5. A couple of the poems we discuss are in Meat Lovers.

I’m talking to Rebecca later in the year for our Beyond a Joke series but I thought it would be fun to re-up this episode to celebrate Meat Lovers.

I can’t recommend Meat Lovers enough. It’s a stunner!